WD Sync on Mac can't handle certain files

There are some files on the Mac that are actually folders (such as Scrivener files) but they appear in the Finder as single files. Apparently WD Sync can’t sync these files unless I zip them up. This defeats the purpose of using sync to have common copies on multiple machines. Dropbox and Google Drive can handle these kinds of files - why does WD Sync have problems with them?


Make sure that those files are not protected or hidden.

They’re not - but they’re package files, which WD Sync can’t seem to handle. This would include apps, but there are some files that are also packages. MyCloud can store them just fine, but WD Sync just doesn’t know what to do with them, so it ignores them.

I do not use WD sync or any of their software nor sure if related. However, try it with rsycn.

On my Mac, I noticed a weird strange behavior with VM images using rsync. It seemed it unpacked it to copy across but the end result was same.

I also just tried a test.app file and same behavior.

Just in case you are looking for another option.