WD Sync, not syncing between 2 computers

I’ve crawled the WD community and knowledge base, with no success.

I have a 4T MyCloud with the latest firmware. The first computer, JB, synced it’s files to the device. SSH to MyCloud shows the files are there. Approximately 6200 files. The second computer, CS, will not sync the files. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled WD Sync. The best I’ve seen is about 200 files sync, then WD Sync says its up to date. I’ve tried removing all the folders except the unremoveable “My Cloud” folder. I then tried adding Documents, Videos, Pictures and Music folders, one at a time, but to no avail.

According to two calls to tech support, only one folder will sync, even though the base install defaults to 4. I was also told that WD Sync will only sync folders 4 deep. One attempt with just “My Cloud”, dropping 1 file in to the directory on JB, synced to MyCloud, but even after an hour, the file did not appear on CS.

I’d like to use WD Sync and not a share, since my wife is not very technical/patient, so a share or web access would cause her immense frustration, especially when on the move.

Any ideas? I’m a Linux/Unix/Network Administrator, so feel free to be as technical or complex as needed.


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Some additional info:

  • JB is a Win 7 machine
  • CS is a Win 10 machine
  • Network is wireless, except for MyCloud, which is wired to the router.
  • All IPs are DHCP, with 24 hour leases.

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Same problem here. Hopefully someone can help.

I’ve noticed that with a set of files A on my pc and a set of files B on my girlfriends pc, wd sync puts it nicely together in one folder on the MyCloud. But I can only see files A and my girlfriend only files B. Maybe it’s not designed to sync between different users.
I haven’t tested yet with the same user on a different pc, but that shouldn’t be the solution.

I have a Macbook Pro 13" and a Mac Pro, I have installed WD Sync on both and uploaded a folder from the Mac Pro, but when I log in with the same ID on my laptop, the folder doesn’t show up, I really need this to work… does anybody have a solution for it?

Same problem here. I spoke to someone in Tech Support at WD who had to ask his “superiors”. It turns out that according to the person I spoke to, WD Sync does not support syncing to the same folder from multiple devices. It evidently wasn’t designed to work similar to a sync folder on Dropbox or Box, etc. I was told to create separate sync folders for each device. In other words, computer A syncs to a folder on MyCloud, but computer B has no access to it except by using the MyCloud app, or mounting the MyCloud shares.

Kind of a strange limitation given that the whole idea of cloud computing is to be able to sync your files between devices.

I see the same issue with my device. Syncing between 2 computers merely does not work!
Looks something basic is wrong! I see the same phenomena as in previous cases.
I also tried simple syncing (adding folder, adding a plain text file and editing it to see replication) - does not work.

Will be very grateful for tips and suggestions!


If WD Sync isn’t working for your intended purpose, syncing multiple computers to a single folder on the My Cloud. Then try another program like FreeFileSync (or similar third party program).

Best to stay away from WD Sync and use FFS via VPN. I noticed a security hole yesterday where my files were being sent over the Internet unencrypted. I later was able to replay a transaction hours later which makes that susceptible to man in the middle attacks. SSL should be used whenever not on the same LAN and the user authorization should expire after a certain period. I’ve been advised security experts that session tokens should go from 20 minutes to 5 minutes to mitigate this type of exploit vulnerability.

I’ve disabled cloud access to my MCM until this is address with WD Sync and a firmware update.



I beg to differ on the syncing files from more than one PC. I currently have WD sync on my laptop and also on my desktop in the office. I downloaded and signed into the same WD account and I see files from LAPTOP on my desktop and files from Desktop on my laptop.

I did have mine working between my laptop and desktop. I excluded the default libraries due to the size and the lack of maturity in WD Sync.

I have learned if computer “A” uploads a bunch of files, you need to wait until computer “B” finishes it’s sync of those files. Otherwise the metabase can get corrupted. I have also found that when I get the notification that a file cannot be synched; either rename the file/folder or reboot the MC device.

Make sure when you are remote the connection established is secure. In the log file you’ll see a set of log files.

C:\ProgramData\Western Digital\Logs\WD Sync\{windows_user_name}


The messages you want to pay attention is

Severity=INFORMATION Message=OnUrlChanged - http://device{device_id}.wd2go.com/
Severity=INFORMATION Message=Orion session created. MyCloud:{my_cloud_serial_number} = https://device{device_id}.wd2go.com/ = {my_cloud_name}

Thank you, very much! I will try your suggestion and check if it works.

Tell me your secrets! You say you can also add a file to your desktop sync folder and see it on your laptop sync folder and vise versa?

I just got my new 3TB My Cloud with hope can create the central storage for my different computers in office and home. Unfortunately I get a big disappointed as the WD Sync only works as one-way sync. From one computer to cloud but not from cloud to synced folder on other computers.

Wondering if this request is acknowledge by Dev team and will they have any plan to make it?

This is a massive need for us!!!

Then look elsewhere for a better sync tool; you don’t have to use WD tools.

FreeFileSync, for instance. As suggested earlier.

Thank bro. I have been using FFS for long time before I get this MyCloud because I am tired of using it, looking for something can run background.

In fact, I also have one OneDrive 1TB account and actually I works quite well except it is limited at 1TB and can’t have public share that all team can works on it.

I hoped WD could solve this problem by providing so call personal cloud solution when I went to buy it but then I realize it is still a dream.

If you haven’t tried it already, one can configure FreeFileSync to run as a service so it runs in the background. See the following link for more information: http://www.freefilesync.org/manual.php?topic=run-as-service

Run as Service (Windows)

RealTimeSync is designed to run as a background process which does not need further attention. Depending on your requirements there are a number of ways to start it automatically. Generally the goal is to execute a command line of the form:

<FreeFileSync installation folder>\RealTimeSync.exe <path to *.ffs_real or *.ffs_batch file>

i had this problem for about a week then clutching at straws i did;

-removed cloud device from sync software
-signed in with cloud account same as other pc
-re paired with cloud device

then it just worked all files synced on both pcs and HDD

hope the above helps,

I am new to the WD 2TB MyCloud and would also like to see file syncing between 2 or more devices. Before the WD i set up an OwnCloud web client on a domain that I own and installed the client on both my work and personal computer. I do some editing on a certain file at work from this OwnCloud folder and it gets uploaded direclty to the cloud. I go home and since the OwnCloud client is on my personal computer I have the same file I can work on. Seems simple for WD to get this up and running as OwnCloud is free and I am currently using it. I may have to return the WD as it may not be what I want. Thanks