WD Sync not syncing after updated to Mojane

Hi all,

Did anyone solve a problem of WD Sync not working after updated to Mojane?



You can follow this-

Solution #1

Launch the WD App Manager manually after every reboot of macOS 10.13 computer.

  • Manually start the WD App Manager in Applications -> WD App Manager.app
  • WD Sync will start processing data

Solution #2

Uninstall, Install and Setup WD Sync after upgrading to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

  1. Uninstall WD Sync.
    For assistance,
  1. Install WD Sync.
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3. Configure WD Sync.
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Hi ABBswiss7,

I tried that already and nothing works unfortunately. The WD App Manager is only for WD Home Hardware. I have Wd My Cloud EX2.



You can restore the previous version by following link-

Yes but this shows how to recover a version of a file synced with WD. My problem is that WD Sync simply doesn’t work. I drop files to the shortcut I have on my desktop and is not syncing with the server.