WD Sync not Syncing across pcs

Dear all have joined community to attempt to get some positive response from WD regarding WDSYNC. Does the programme allow for syncing across different computers via the WDSync programme.

I can sync folders and files to WD storage but it does not sync between pcs.

I think that this is a simple question that can be answered with a YES or a NO

Here’s your answer, Yes, see the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud, Chapter Four.

Hi, have studied the manual many times and the wdsync does not work as described. Files copied into wdsync folder do get copied into folder within the wd storage however, they do not get copied or modified to other pcs on my network and they are only visible when entering the mycloud folders on storage device.
I would add that I have been using wd mycloud for 18months and whilst system backs up individual pcs it has never synced each pc.
I do not want to use a 3rd party software as it defeats the object of using wd mycloud. However, I am contemplating purchasing a different NAS to overcome this issue.
When I discover one that does all I want I will retire the WD NAS.

If you are trying to sync multiple computers to the same sync folder on the My Cloud with hopes of syncing the same content across multiple PC’s, then you’ll find that WD Sync may not properly sync to all PC"s. This is a common compliant discussed in several prior threads (that can be found via the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right).

The thought is that each WD Sync program fights over trying to control the single sync folder location on the My Cloud there by causing the sync issues. WD Sync in general tends to have a number of complaints that have filled this subforum. People have found that they may have better luck using third party sync software like Free File Sync (https://www.freefilesync.org/) so long as they do not need remote syncing to the My Cloud.

How so? The MyCloud is just a NAS (with some limited remote access facilities). You can use whatever software you like to access it, and manage files with it. It is not bound in any way to WD software.

You don’t want to use (free) 3rd party software that may work better than the troublesome software WD provides for use with My Cloud because you feel it defeats the object of using the My Cloud? How would using any free third party software defeat the object of using the My Cloud or for that matter, any other manufacturer’s NAS?

One reason to purchase wd my cloud was because of the stated, exaggerated, claims as to what wd sync could achieve. Helpful work around would be of great help however, seems from comments that 3rd party software is the way to go.

Thanks for all comments

Subject now closed from my side