WD Sync "No storage devices were found" on an external network

Hi everyone,

recently purchased a MyCloud EX2 Ultra and the issue i have is that on an external network, i fail to find the WD device. i get the error below using an external network to connect to the device, while locally on the same network it works great.

Does anyone have any solution on what might occur? using the mycloud.com to access it externally works if that helps.


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Hello wduser12345,

You can refer the link provided below to enable cloud access on the My Cloud device so that it can search the devices.



I have the same problem. I followed the instructions from your 2 links but that didnt fix it. I have tested this on 2 different external networks (meaning, not the same network my EX2 is connected to). From these 2 external networks I am able to use the WD MyCloud Android app and the mycloud.com web browser service without problems.

Only WD Sync has problems connecting to my EX2 on external networks. Maybe the WD Sync software needs to be fixed?