WD Sync "No internet connection detected"


I have MyCloud 4TB, but when I am trying to sync my folders from my computer to MyCloud using WD Sync, it is showing No internet connection detected.

I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, turning off firewall but nothing is working.

Please suggest.


Does this happen locally and remotely?Try to check this link to see if it helps you out:

How long have you had your My Cloud and do you know if it’s a first or second generation? Have you read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

Hi Mak,

The issue is coming when I am doing it remotely. The link you shared I have tried that as well but still not working. I have tried two different service providers but the result is same. “No internet connection detected”

Hi Cat0w,

The cloud has been recently purchased. I have gone through the manual for setting up the drive.