WD Sync -- NAS is missing

I’m using WD Sync to keep my personal machine in synce with my NAS, I have a PR4100. Everything had been working well until just recently. For whatever reason WD Sync is no longer logging in and I see a message “NAS is missing” I can log into the NAS via WD MyCloud and if I add new folders/files to be synced, but files do not sync, and I only have that message saying that the NAS is missing.

Any suggestions?



@rosede My suggestion, unless you already have, is to reboot your PR4100, then your router, and last your computer and then see what happens.

That’s was my fear. The device is remote and I will need to travel to the location. Not far, just inconvenient.


I rebooted my NAS, my router and my PC. I am still getting “NAS is missing”. Is there something else that I can try?


I went to “Settings”, Clicked “Add…” created a new test folder, Selected it, then my NAS is presented to me, and I was able to create a new folder on the NAS and select it.

What this tells me is that WD Sync CAN see my NAS and CAN communicate with it, but for whatever reason, it just won’t sync. I just see “NAS is missing”.


I finally removed and readded my NAS to WD Sync. I’m afraid that I’m either going to end up with duplicate files, or it will overwrite files. But, it is now once again syncing.