WD Sync - move files out of sync dir on the CLoud to a new My Cloud dir; will they be removed from my laptop

I bought the My Cloud to store data off of mine and wife’s aging laptops.

So I sync’ed the Documents on my laptop, and they are now all on the My Cloud. I went to My Cloud and cut and pasted a large directory call Desktop PC from the synced Documents into a separate, new root directory in My Cloud.

So they should disappear on the laptop as a sub directory in Documents and only be resident in the new dir on the My Cloud, Right? This should be a feature of WD Sync…

The directory called Desktop PC was an old desktop PC copy of the files off the Desktop’s HDD before i disposed of the PC. There was also a large copy of an external HDD from way back in time. So the idea is to get this off of my current laptop and on the My Cloud.

So on the My Cloud is My Documents, My Pictures… and the new dir that i called “Not Current”. This is where i cut and pasted the that big sub dir from My Documents.

Hi, this sounds more like an idea, I would recommend you to go to the ideas section of the Apps and Software and post it there, make sure that there is no other ideas like this, if you find one like it, then vote up and like.

I don’t know what you mean idea…

Well, its not clear that you are asking a question…

If your original Sync from PC to MyCloud included the ‘Desktop PC’ and the old HDD directories, and you have moved them out of the mycloud’s sync target directory, then what happens now will depend on how you have configured the sync program.

If you want changes at either end to be reflected in the other, then you have to set up a two-way sync, which tracks deletions.

Personally, I’d have sorted out the old directories before starting the sync, but the sync should work.

If you expect the files to be deleted from the PC, then you should be aware that your mycloud is now the primary store for this data, and, unless you have some other backup, your old data is not backed up.

I thought I used a question mark…

As I left home, it appeared that the sync was rebuilding the large data I
moved out of sync on the My Cloud side. So the laptop is apparently

I did not see how to make the sync two way.

I will prob do a test and delete file on laptop and see it leave the sync
on My Cloud but stay over where I cut/paste the data set on the created My
Cloud dir.

Yes, they aren’t backed up. The idea was getting off of aging laptop.

Thanks for reviewing my post and commenting.

Ah. I don’t use the WD Sync program; I use FreeFileSync, which does allow two-way syncing, including file movement, changes and deletions in either direction… I assumed WD Sync would as well…

Have you checked the WD Sync manual?

The WD Sync program will sync both ways, from the computer to the My Cloud and from the My Cloud to the computer. However, others have reported it doesn’t always work for them.

If one moves the folder that the WD Sync program is using as the target location on the My Cloud and doesn’t change the target location within the WD Sync program, the WD Sync program may fail to sync. Or it may recreate a folder and begin the syncing process all over again.

Bottom line is that the WD Sync program is what it is. Some have trouble with it, others do not. More than a few have stopped using it due to the various issues and limitations and are using 3rd party software like Free File Sync instead.

No. I threw that over the shoulder digging the cloud out of the box. :smiley:

Another contributor stated that it can be set up as one or two way. I don’t
remember that being offered. It appears to be acting as a one way.

I will check manual and runs. Test.

Manuals arent in the box. You have to download them, Google will find them.

It was a metaphor. Sorry. Attempt at humor. I will take time to take a
look. I have had to move to other issues for the moment. Thanks again!

My humour is very dry, too… :wink:

I have found you have to be careful with the sync operations.

If laptop removes folder1 (say has 10,000 files). If have to wait until desktop has fully sync’d folder1. Otherwise the metabase can get corrupted.

The same goes if laptop adds folder2 (say has 15,000 files), then you go to desktop to add files to folder1, then the two sync operations can corrupt the metabase too.

Do one operation at a time.