WD Sync is not syncing all files

Hi there,

I’ve recently purchased a My Cloud 2TB and starting to sync all my files from computer to cloud. I’ve got 3 very important folders, as you can see in the following picture.

Most of the folders were moved using windows explorer (was faster than My Cloud app) and then added to WD Sync. After a while I’ve began to organize the files in folders in My Computer, hoping that the files will sync to the files from cloud. Today, I was browsing through cloud and saw those differences from the picture above and it kind of bothers me. There’s not so many files, but this concerns me. I don’t know how to find those files so I can add them where they are missing, but it may be a very important file that is not sync’d.

Do you have any solution for this problem?

Hello there,

Are you trying to sync these folders remotely or is it on the same network.

@sicka I’d start off small until you have proven the product works for your use case. Mine choked with a few GB and I didn’t trust with my 500GB Lightroom RAW folder.

In the same network.

Check a few files to verify if they are ok, or compare it using a md5sum for each.

However, 99% everything is ok. Just about all NAS devices are some light flavor of Linux, so the size will be a bit different from one OS to the other.

If you want a more tech explanation, plenty of docs out there in the internet by doing a simple search.