WD Sync - how to maximize it?

Hello. I have a couple of questions. I am decent at figuring out many things computer but I need help to see if I am missing the point.

I have a 3TB My Cloud connected to a network in a home with multiple computers. I myself have a laptop and desktop. I would like to be able to maintain all of my files on my laptop and desktop and not share with the other person’s computer via the network. That seemed easy but I just recently downloaded WD Sync thinking that may be an easier to automatically add new files to all my files without using the WD Smartware process. Maybe I don’t understand what WD Sync does. Can WD Sync be set up to automatically save files across multiple devices? And if so, can you specify folders for a file to be saved into across each device? I know that is likely asking a lot. But I am wondering what benefit WD Sync provides. Thanks!


This is explained in the My Cloud User Manual, Backing Up and Retrieving Files. Use link below to open the User Manual.