WD Sync Hidden Folders and sync directions on Mac

Hi everyone,

I’m testing WD Sync and want to know how to full uninstall. Where are the WD hidden folders which stores the history version files and deleted files on mac in order to delete it?

In other way, is WD Sync working in bidirectional sync, so if I made changes on a file on my Mac Book Pro it will be applied to the same file on my mac mini?

Much Thanks!


The hidden files are stored on the My Cloud and here’s an article with detailed and useful information which might help.

Also, take a look at this.

In regards to your second question, since this is not a backup software, the files that you edit or delete on the My Cloud WD Sync folder will be also edited or deleted on the computer folder and the files that you edit or delete from the computer folder will be edited or deleted on the My Cloud side as well. And this is synchronized with all computers linked to WD Sync and your My Cloud.

Thanks G_Rayn

I looked for .WDSyncHistory but I can’t find it, can you please help me finding this folder in the NAS?