WD Sync folder on Mac

I am a bit confused on WD Sync. I took a folder in my documents files on my Mac and copied it to the MyCloud folder that shows on left side of Finder. Is this a permanent copy? And do I need to have all folders I want synced to be located within the MyCloud folder?

For example, under Documents I have a folder called Work. I copied Work from Documents over to MyCloud. Now it appears to exist in both locations. Is this correct? Do I delete the folder under Documents and only use the one under MyCloud?

Or, is this a temporary location to determine which folders to sync. And will it now automatically sync from the folders original location?

Thanks for helping


Hi there,

It will show on both locations, if the files are on a local folder and are synced on the My Cloud it is better to have both files in case you need to have a backup or need to work on a different location.