WD Sync file version history

Under version history, when drag and drop the file, I am unable to get version history for the sync folder other than “My Cloud” so basically, look like version history only work for “My Cloud” folder but not folder I added to be synced. Any one have this issue. I am running WD Sync version 1.1.5731 on Windows 7

File movements and copies do not normally leave a traceable file history beyond location. It is not the same as editing a Microsoft Word document in which the actual file is modified.

This is for editing file, not copy. I can get file version history if I edited the file under “My Cloud” or file under folder under “My Cloud” synced folder but not folder I added myself to be synced, outside of “My Cloud” folder.

Thank you. You answer my question about file history. Everything under “My Cloud” folder work but not something outside “My Cloud”. Then there is no point for me to add my own folder but just need to move everything under “My Cloud” if I want to get version history.

Actually, any folders you add should work the same as “My Cloud” folder, per support. They are forwarding my case to L2 support so will see.