WD Sync does nothing

Added some folders and it does nothing. No errors, no syncing. Brilliant!


Have you tried reinstalling the application?

Are you using the latest version from the WD site?

I just installed it and yes it is the latest version.

Me either. When I CLICK Setting, the pop up window shows all black. nothing in there anymore. I reinstalled it. Then it do same thing. I’m so disappointed

After getting fed up with WD Sync on numerous occasions (and yes, I have re-installed a few times (and deleted those millions of garbage files it loves to create), it just stops operating, or operates very badly. I’m afraid the best solution to the WD Sync problem is to not use it. You may just end up with a crashed computer one day and then realize that WD sync wasn’t working and you’re SOL.

Going back to the opensource rsync.