WD Sync does not start

I have downloaded and installed WD Sync on my HP spectre laptop under Windows 10. However, it does not start or at least I don’t see it. I have rebooted and I have also opened WD Mycloud to see if I find anything in the settings. But no matter what I do, WD Sync, when I click it it just does not do anything. When I open the task manager I do see it though under WD Sync Service. Also the suggested icons in the System Tray never appeared - not even after reboot.
How can I configure it to backup my Dropbox?

Make sure to install WD Sync as the administrator. Also make sure any security software is disabled when installing WD Sync just in case the security software blocks certain programs from running.

From what I remember WD Sync just syncs the computer to the My Cloud device, not to or from Dropbox. But then I haven’t used WD Sync in a while. I, like others here who have found WD Sync to be problematic, use Free File Sync instead.