WD Sync collaboration for multiple users – Help

Hi There,

I need a little advice with the following problem. As I recently set up my WD sync folder and put my files there, I wanted to do the same setup on another computer for my colleague. I installed WD Sync on the second computer (both are Macs), logged in with his account, but the WD sync folder is empty. I was expecting to have the same files, as I have on my computer, because that’s the very point of cooperative usage of WD sync.

Does anybody have an idea to figure out how to use this folder like dropbox’s collaborative option?

Cheers, and thank you!


There are numerous prior threads that discuss the syncing between the my cloud and multiple computers. For some the syncing works from a single Share on the My Cloud to multiple computers, for other it doesn’t. See my response to another poster on this very question from a month or two ago:


More than a few have stopped using WD Sync all together and instead use third party sync software. One popular free program is Free File Sync: http://www.freefilesync.org/