WD Sync - Can't Trust You Anymore

I’m officially giving up on WD Sync as I can’t trust it to sync files anymore. I can visually compare two folder that are set to sync and it only syncs what it feels like.
It’s a good tool in theory, but terribly programmed. I think I’ll program my own robocopy script to do a better job.
Also, I hate that it consumes over 40 GB of my NAS and creates TENS OF THOUSANDS! of little files for its so-called file history.
Anyway, adios and good riddance, you’ve had your chance.

Hi, did you tried to uninstalled and reinstall the application and see if this help?

I had an issue where if I added a file on one computer, it would copy/upload to the My Cloud, but it would not copy/download the file to the other computer. Since I add files from each computer, they got out of sync.

I am on Windows 10. I opened up the file explorer, clicked on Network -> WDMYCLOUD -> . Then it prompted me to enter my username and password. After I did this, the WD Sync application immediately started downloading all of the information that was on my MyCloud but not in my local “My Cloud” folder. In a short while, both directories matched again! So I guess I just had to manually log in over the network.

Not sure if yours is the same issue, but maybe give it a try.