WD Sync - cannot see files

I had a lot of files on my about (about 4TB).

I installed WD Sync.

Now when I use Finder on Mac to connect I cannot see my files. They must still be there because the dashboard is showing the same file usage.


Probably a permissions issue. I have seen similar problems with strange permissions when people use WDSync. OSX uses Unix-like permissions, so it is likely that it is refusing to let you see the files because the permissions set on them at creation are for a different user (WDSync has its own user account it uses for creating files for god only knows what reason), and this can cause problems.

If you know how to use SSH, the best way is to SSH into the mycloud and change the owner/permissions recursively with chown -r, and chmod -r.

The real lesson here is to not use wdsync. It is ■■■■. Use free file sync, or rsync instead. Really.


Your are so right.

Got rid of WD Sync (useless).
Had to format the WD and start again (I had other backups, so it only cost me time).
Then I got myself Goodsync (not much money and far better, real-time sync).

Thanks for the response.