WD Sync backup on NAS

Hey guys,

I´m pretty new to the NAS systems and have just set up my new Mycloud EX2 Ultra 8 TB.
So right now I already backed up a few files and set up WD Sync for some import and often used files of mine to safe them automatically on the NAS.
I´m wondering now what happens when e.g. I format my HDD or the HDD/SSD crashes. Are those files still on the NAS or does it somehow try to backup those data and as it cannot find them anymore, thinks I´ve already deleted them and does the some on the NAS?

Thanks for your help!

Hello cchocho,

When a file or folder is deleted from a sync folder, WD Sync saves a copy of the item on the My Cloud device, before deleting it from the sync folder. The software keeps up to five versions of each deleted item, in case the file needs to be restored later on. You can refer to the following article-


Hey Neo33,

thanks for your helpful answer ! :slight_smile: