WD Sync and MicroSD Card

I have a surface pro 3 with a MicroSD Card that I use as my main storage device for all my documents, photos, videos, etc. I want to use WD Sync to sync the files in the MicroSD card with my WD MyCloud. The problem? When I go to settings and I try to add a folder, it will only show me those located in my C: drive, whereas my MicroSD Card is my D: drive. Is there a way to work around this issue or a fix?

Not sure about WD Sync. But Microsoft synctoy2.1 will do the job.


After years of relying on a handmade xcopy script, I recently started investigating sync programs, and tried SyncToy. I found it too keen to copy identical files unnecessarily, and it was slow to configure, and slow to run, so I gave up on it.

At another forum user’s suggestion, I tried FreeFileSync, which I installed yesterday, and quickly configured to mimic my xcopy script settings, with the advantage of using the mirror and two-way sync settings where appropriate.

The GUI looked a bit fierce at first, but it’s actually quick to understand and configure, and very quick to scan (even on my ancient XP 2.6GHz Pentium 4 machine and 100Mb network, it scans 500k files (totalling 2TB+ master files) in about 6 minutes).

I see no reason to use the WD Sync program, given the performance, features, maturity and level of development of the open source FreeFileSync. I might even make a donation…

[edit: unless WD Sync supports remote syncing, though I’ve not looked for that in FFS]

Yes, the WD Sync does supposedly support remote syncing but I haven’t tried it.

X-copy was pretty much retired long time ago in a galaxy far away…
A very powerful command available for a long time under Windows is: Robocopy.
You can create your own backup script from it, very simple. Afterwards, you can either schedule it to work anytime you want or run it manually.

Under OSx and Linux the equivalent would be: rsync