WD Sync and macOS High Sierra

There is nothing ‘unprofessional’ about using third-party software to perform file sync.

The professional way to behave would be to evaluate the behaviour and performance of whatever sync/backup system you use, and ensure that it meets the requirements. Even as a home user, my evaluation of WD Sync suggests it does not even meet my consumer requirements, let alone ‘professional’ requirements. So I use a third-party backup software, which my evaluation shows meets my needs; it works reliably, and I can trust it to do what it is meant to do. This is an essential requirement of backup software, once which I find lacking in WD Sync.

Not to mention that the single-bay MyCloud (the subject of this sub-forum), is a consumer product, not ‘professional’.

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Has nothing to do with professional… WD is dropping the ball for Mac users. Then they wonder why the press is so negative. FIT IT

See the quote I was responding to. It suggests using third party software is unprofessional. This is utter nonsense.

I’m afraid you have to make a choice; either continue to use an unreliable, or non-functional piece of WD software, whilst railing into the wind how terrible WD are not to fix it, or find a third party solution that works, is reliable and can be trusted to do the job.

WD don’t care about your railing. That’s obvious from the zero attention they pay to any requests made here.

I bought two MyClouds. Both cost less than the HDDs they contain. I’m fairly pragmatic about what this means for support, even though I too have railed into the wind in the past.

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I continue to use my WD mycloud as well. But what torques me is why they can’t even get their new Home platform fixed. Its not like Apple sprung this when high sierra released.

You should not get stuck on the word “professional”. I just wanted to point out, that I need a reliable solution, since I use my home computer also for professional purposes. Nevertheless even in a strictly consumer context the syncing process should be reliable.

As far as I know, there is no third-party alternative that has the same capabilities WD Sync used to offer. Of course there are numerous products you can trust for syncing on a local network. But please tell me which third party product is capable of syncing with my WD-product from outside my LAN, when my computer at home is shut down and without a static-IP-adress of the WD-NAS.

If one uses VPN to access a remote network containing a My Cloud one should be able to use third party sync programs. Since FTP isn’t secure there are various past discussions on attempting to enable using SSH or SFTP to enable secure remote access to the My Cloud. Further if one has a first gen single bay (v4.x) My Cloud one could use SSH to install the unofficial CloudDAVMod app that would allow for remote mapping of the My Cloud.

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Isn’t that WD’s job? Why should I have to do all this? I paid for a product and expect it to work.

It is. I suggest you speak to them. They’re not reading these forums.


WD provides the WD Sync program for free as part of the My Cloud. They could very easily decide as they’ve done with their other software/apps to depreciate the program and no longer offer or support it. Should WD fix the software in a timely fashion? Yes. But anyone who spends even a few minutes reviewing this subforum will find that WD often takes it own sweet time to fix issues if it fixes them at all.

The My Cloud is at it’s core a network attached storage device with LIMITED remote access capabilities. WD Sync was NOT available when I received the first gen My Cloud. It was introduced (for free) at a later point. So it could be argued that providing the Sync software was not actually WD’s job, but they provided it anyway FOR FREE. Around the same time that WD Sync was introduced, WD took away the remote mapping capability; which I’d argue is (per my usage of the My Cloud) a bigger loss than not having WD Sync function properly.

The problems with WD Sync are long known and well discussed. If one doesn’t need remote access syncing then its better to use a third party sync program that works better and may have more features than WD Sync. Or one can continue to use WD Sync and hope (pray) WD will (eventually) get around to fixing the various problems with it including High Sierra compatibility.

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Well then, its time to move on from WD and its products for Apple OSx users. Others like QNAP and Synology are always committed to provide compatibility

…cost a lot more…

Enjoy your QNAP or Synology, whichever you choose.


Not really that much more - depends on the hardware selection.

A quick look at Amazon suggests a TS-131 4tb, single bay QNAP goes for about £255. A 4tb single bay MyCloud goes for £159. If they’re in stock.

That’s £100, or 60%.

Synology DS115J is a bit cheaper at £215

As I said earlier, both my devices were bought for less than I would have paid for the WD Red drive they contained.

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It seems that WD still does not give solutions for WD Sync issue . Maybe it’s a good time to drop out WD.


Any news on that issue?

It’s ben quite some time since I upgraded to High Sierra and Wd Sync stopped working. I thought that WD would fix that in a month or so.

It is so disappointing. Thinking seriously of switching to Synology

The only thing Synology has not yet fixed is the HEIC format in their DS Photo app. But it does provide a HEIC to JPEG converter but that defeats the smaller file format. But CloudStation does work on High Sierra.

Thanks for your reply.

Do you have a Synology NAS? Yesterday I was reading about the DS 218 play. It looks like a incredible NAS. It has a lot of features and a very sofisticated interface software (DSM 6.1).

I am not a very techy guy. Although I never had trouble searching the web to learn how to use the features, I don’t like to spend my limited free time searching for solutions to problems. I prefer more simple and intuitive interface, plug and play like apple devices.

My concerns with Synology is if all that features in the DSM would slow down a medium powered hardware NAS like the DS 218 play and if it is too complicated to use. In their web page synology has 10 different mobile apps, 1 for photos, 1 for videos, 1 for music, 1 for each thing, while wd has only one. I kind like the WD approach on the Dashboard interface, but since it started to get me a lot of troubles (wd sync and UFRAW_batch) I am very unhappy with it now. Because of that I started to think of getting a WD My cloud Home, that seems to be a very simple to use NAS, but a lot of people has had bad experiences with it because it is too limite on features. Then I started to think of getting a synology. How do you compare the Synology interface to WD interface? Do you recommend one of their NAS or another one?

I spoke directly with them and do not provide any estimation for when the WD Sync will be compatible with the High Sierra. Furthermore they don’t even take any accountability for the issue and the only answer they give is that for now they do not support it and ask you to just check regularly their download page for updates.

Which is why my next NAS (in January) will be a Synology. Cloud Station works.