WD Sync and iPhone: which is a best practice?


i am using WD Sync to synchronize file from my iPhone to MyCloud

i am struggling to find out the best way to operate … for instance i have a Word file i would like to update, i opened it on my Iphone and it let me see the text, then i tap and asks me which app to open it, i have Word for iPhone and i chose it, then i can add a word and it is saved on OneDrive … i havent found a way to upload again from my phone and have the latest version on MyCloud

is there a way? or i need to wait i go home and do it on a PC?



i am keeping on trying …

i see i can easily upload a photo from phone to MyCloud

but i can not upload a PDF from my phone to MyCloud

is that the way suppose to be?

Hi Vito,

Your post has been here a while, but since no one has stopped in to help you, then here I am!

I have been trying to do what you have requested to do, but I am afraid, you are right – there is no way to upload documents like Word , PDF and such to your My Cloud via the app…

Although, I have been able to upload a PDF to another of my online cloud servers, and also I could email the PDF to myself. So, all is not lost using the My Cloud app for uploads.

When I tapped on the upload icon at top of app screen, and I saw four choices, one was “Email”, and used that to send the file to myself. Another choice named “Open in” enabled me to see my other server (as you likely saw OneDrive) and I was able to send PDF to my other cloud server

Apparently, when using the app to access the My Cloud we cannot send something to My Cloud other than pictures,; we can only download from it. In fact, I recently triedto send a music file to My Cloud device and could not do it, as I recall. I will check into doing that again to see if I am correct about this.

Meanwhile, continue sending files to your OneDrive or email them to yourself.


thanks for your reply

i confirm that i have been able to upload ONLY photos from my phone app to MyCloud, i was NOT able to upload any .doc, .xls, .pdf from my phone to MyCloud

i am afraid i need to wait to reach home and use the PC to upload files other than photo

is this right? is any other solution?

Yes, Vito, you are correct, and I gave you a solution in the last line of my post above, and that is to continue sending files to your OneDrive, or email them to yourself and then get them onto the My Cloud once you are at the home computer.

And, just so you do not feel alone with this issue, here is a link to a post I replied to today. This person is having the same issue as you, except he is working with Excel files and you are working with Word files. Take a look:

Hi Vito,

I suggest you see the link above again. There is a solution that you will find interesting from another person toward the end of the thread.


Thanks Mike,

I read it last night and I have tried this morning …

OneDrive doesn’t work in China (banned as Google and YouTube), but it works on iPad application, it is a bit complex workaround but it DID work

I believe it is ok for word and excel … Now need to think how to do for PDF or video files (I think it is not uncommon that someone receive a video by message and want to save it on his MyCloud)


I would suggest emailing either to yourself, if all else fails. That is just the way things are for now it seems.

Have a nice weekend.