WD sync 1 folder between 2 computers without replicate on My Cloud server


I bought a “WD My CLoud 2TB” and I would like to Sync my “NYF” folder with my PC’s “NYF” folder and at the same time the same folder (“NYF” - which contains the same files) with my MacBook Air’s “NYF” folder.
So a want to make that if I could put something into the “NYF” folder on my PC’s “NYF” folder it could sync with my My Cloud server and my Macbook’s “NYF” folder too, and of course vica versa (there and back) operate. And without replicate these files. I made it as I connected all of these folders at WD (right click on the tray) / WD Sync / Options / Folders / Add folders menu. But when it synchronized all of my files on my PC, my MacBook and at my My CLoud server, all of my files duplicated on my My Cloud server…
How can I do that what I mentioned above in a much more easy way, and without duplicate the files on my My Cloud server? Any suggestions? I will be very thankful if somebody can help me.
I’m waiting for the answers very much! Thank you in advance for the answers!!!

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You may want to try using third party sync software like FreeFile Sync or (for Windows) Microsoft SyncToy. They may have more options available than the WD Sync program. And may be able to accomplish what you are trying to do.

Ahha, thank you Bennor for the fast answer!
Thats a good idea, and can you write me about this, how could I do that step by step?
I don’t know how and what to do with these third party sync softwares.
Is the FreeFile Sync software function same as the WDSync software or how?
And is this work without replicate files to my My CLoud server?

What you would want to do is have one Share on the My Cloud that the computers will all access and sync to and from. Typically one would configure the FreeFIleSync software to use that My Cloud Share as the “target” and chose a local computer folder on each computer as the “source”.

See the following FreeFileSync FAQ link which gives a general overview of how to use their software and its features: http://www.freefilesync.org/faq.php

FreeFileSync Manual: http://www.freefilesync.org/manual.php

Here are a few links that generally explain how to setup and use FreeFileSync, you can do an internet search for others (there are many, including videos):
How to Synchronize Files and Folders Using FreeFileSync in Windows
Windows Data Backup Using FreeFileSync Step by Step
Keep Your Documents in Sync With FreeFileSync