WD Survey

Don’t know if it is there for everyone, but on my PC in these forums is a link from WD asking me to complete a survey about what I think of my WDTV. Seems to me like an ideal opportunity to make a point about the problems with the firmware!!

I suggest filling the rest in honestly, but using the ‘What don’t you like about your WDTV’ box at the end of the survey to complain about the new firmware.

That’s what I did anyway…

Thanks for sharing.

That should be to all the users on the Community.

It is very important for all of us to participate in the Survey as it gives us a chance to provide direct feedback to the WD Management. 

I have just completed it, but blooming well forgot to criticize the latest firmware. DOH!


that was the first complaint i did…because even after 6 months there is no FIX…

I responded to the survey as well, not that hope things will change.  Unfortunately, I finally pulled the plug on my WDTV Live SMP as the consant freezes with netflix, missing sound just became ridiculous.  I’m now using my notebook connected via HDMI which while not very slick, seems to do the job rather well.

So ends my association with WD digital entertainment products.  I’ve had two of them the original worked quite well and I bought the SMP in order to get IView.  The latest firmware release was a fiasco and given that the chances of bug free version are slim, that’s the end for me.

Man, I would pay to see the honest results of this survey.  But I doubt we ever will, especially if the results indicate that 'You don’t need another player for Netflix" is really the complete misread of consumer desires that I suspect it is. (seriously, fire that guy…) It would be especially amusing if the results mirror what has been repeated ad nauseum here in their very own forums for several years now, (ie. faster CPU, stable firmware, etc. Certainly not less steaming capability…) but disregarded with the latest WDTV Media Player 

Cheerleaders support of the device notwithstanding.    

I myself believed that with the advent of the streaming sticks and smart TVs WD wished to exit the media player market, a decision I would consider an error given the otherwise unexploited niche their devices fill.  I believed that the latest WDTV device was merely a last grab at brand faithful dollars before said exit.  But this survey gives me a glimmer of hope.  It will be telling to see what, if anything, WD does with the info.  Unfortunately, my own understanding of the development of such devices (design, procurement, manufacturing/marketing) means that we wouldn’t see the result of any device actually developed with this survey in mind in under 18 months at the minimum (complete amateur estimate) 

But I’ll be very interested to see what, if anything comes of this.   

I don’t have a lot of hope.

If they wanted to enhance the device, they could have just looked at the suggestion box that many of us have submitted ideas to.  Lots of good suggestions there, and they could have easily locked up this market.

It sounds to me that they are undecided as to whether to do anything at all, so someone suggested to do a survey to see where the wind blows.  I suppose it’s not a big enough revenue generator for them.

Yeah pretty sad, desperate survey. 

I wonder what that guy who used to respond to every post with something that basically translated into “Works super awesome for me, you must be an ■■■■■ if you can’t get it to work” has to say now?

Easy: it still works flawlessly for me (from USB and network) and many people unfortunately are still idiots, like, “I DEMAND this player to play messed up files from the Internet despite them being off spec!”. Now that I’ve applied Kad’s Reset Everything, I’m not even seeing bug #3 from my list.

Still, I don’t see how this has anything to do with a survey on new features for the next-gen player. This would prove me more right that all those whiners that claimed for months WD players are done for, yes?