WD support

Since before the first of July I have been trying to get wd smartware problems solved. I have sent screenshots and additional information from the event viewer and the technical data sent to Microsoft when you get the unexpected error in application type message. I have emailed and spoken to them and it has been raised to level 2 but since then nothing.

The last response I received was 12th July telling me it was being escalated and since then I have sent numerous screenshots etc each time it happened which was daily.

Today I rang them and although I didn’t speak to the last person I spoke to the current support person spoke to him, and after I waited on the phone for quite awhile he said he would ring me at 4pm so I waited in all afternoon and got no call and no email in fact nothing!!!

The service is awful particularly as this problem has been reported by others for months.

I used to work in support with a different company and we would have been in serious trouble if our attitude to problems was like this.


Given list of things to do uninstalling adobe flash / java / .net / smartware etc took hours result is it now works more slowly and fasils sooner.

Reccomendation don’t buy one in the first place or if you are like me and thought WD would be ok find some other software now you cant get rid of it.