WD Support is really bad

I bought a new WD TV Live Hub on 9th of this month.

First the product registration said out of warranty. I emailed support and got no response for over a week.

Then the system maintenance downtime.

Now I get an email that says my “NEW” product is a replaced one and hence the warranty will not be updated.

I check the warranty status and it shows in warranty for just a little over a year. Why does it show 1 year when the warranty is supposed to be 3 years.

Product warranty status

Support Response Email

Product Label mentioning 3 year warranty

What kind of support is this and what is this problem with the warranty???

EDIT: Even here it says 3 years


We are looking into this.

I find it quite the opposite. I have 2 WDC HDD and 2 WDC Passport Essentials drives. I have received EXCELLENT support for questions and even better support for hardware that I think is not working. I was sent a replacement for this drive without questions. After several years of experience with WDC hardware and software, I will buy no other but WDC. I just had someone call me on my home phone about a question I had been asking on email. I didn’t get the answer the next day but someone called me today and gave me the answer.  I always use the WDC software to do my backups from my WDC HDD drives to my Passport Essentials and found it would not copy or even show ONE folder I had. I use C:\TEMP as a catchall for files until I get around to using them, but WDC would not show or use C:\TEMP. The phone call I got from a help guy named Mackenson had the answer in a minute after I clarified what the problem was. He told me that the “temp” folder was recognized by WDC as a “system” folder as Microsoft often uses such folders for temporary file storage. He told me to change the name of this folder to something like C:\C_TEMP and I did. Even without restarting the WDC backup software, it saw and recognized the C:\C_TEMP folder and immediately backed it up even though it was not under “My Documents” or some other “data” folder. I would say an answer under 3 minutes from phone support is a good thing. But then again this is ALWAYS the kind of quick and accurate support I have received from WDC on all their products. I even try to get friends and family to buy new WDC replacements for whatever they are using currently. This company is A#1 in my book. Best support I have had from any software/hardware company. Hats off to WDC!!!


Not everyone have the same experience.

@Bill_S Thank for looking into my problem, it has been solved now.

Seemed there was a problem with the system due to upgradation/maintenance.

I just want to know how to send an e-mail to support!! I went through several pages without any options to actually send a message, asking a question. Please tell me how to get a question through!

I have to say that my recent experience with WD support has been really good. My Passport Essentials 500GB drive locked itself during a backup, and was demanding a password that was never set. When I researched this issue online I found lots of unhappy campers who had experienced the same issue as I. There were rude responses from some forum “gurus” who suggested that they not forget their passwords, or that they should have backed up the drive… etc. Arrogant stuff really, when the point was that people were backing up, and while backing up, something happened to cause it to lock up and request a password that was never initiated. 

Now seeing some of this on the forums gave me a bad feeling about WD staff, but I reserved judgement and contacted them, explained the situation, and was initially told (after some of the same comments from the phone support fella that I should write down and remember my password, keep backups etc - sigh) that reformatting was the only means of regaining access to my drive. This was unacceptable and I said as much, and I even posted as much in this forum only to have it deleted by a forum moderator because they said I broke the “not a legal room” rule even though I never discussed “past, present or future litigation,” as I only suggested that some form of legal action might have to be required to satisfy the issue. Really, what do they have to fear in that comment? Now do I have to worry about this post being deleted because I said those words? That would be really infantile and petty don’t you think?

Anyway, the point was, how could reformatting be a “data saving” feature of the drive when it is destroying the data on the drive… made no logical sense to me. I explained this again and asked to speak to a supervisor. It took 45 minutes to find one, but I wasn’t going anywhere, I needed those files for an upcoming performance (these were music files). I finally spoke to a supervisor who said he would escalate to a level two and that I would need to call back the following Monday. 

Once I spoke to the service staff they suggested we try data recovery, and here is where WD excelled in customer support: They provided me with a UPS number, and info on where to send the drive. It took a few weeks for everything to get done,

Now I understand that not everyone may have the same situation I did. But I knew without a doubt that my drive never failed in all the time I owned it (about a year) and that it was simply a lock-out failure of some kind, a glitch or something, and I was apparently correct. All my data has been recovered, and I got a nice replacement drive, and am quite the happy camper as I got back hours and hours of hard work that could have been lost. So major kudos to all involved. I would like to say their names, but will respect their privacy as I would rather ask their permission first, but they know who they are and I am thankful.

Kudos everyone.


I have to say that the support staff is OK… I actually got to speak to them in less than 3 minutes and they tried to help me. The problem was there was no way they could help, because I merely plugged in my “plug & play” external drive–and got a message that the drive was corrupted!!!

Now, I originally bought the first of the external drives at the end of March. It failed after 2 weeks of use. I sent it back, they mailed a replacement, somehow it never arrived. I believe that the wrong shipping label was put on it in the shipping dept…because just today I received a package addressed to me, with someone else’s name on the packing slip inside!

After not getting my replacement drive, I asked for another one to be mailed to me again. This was the THIRD try. It arrived today. Guess what??? The drive was corrupted!!!The support guy tried all kinds of things…alas, it was not to be. Hard Drive=DOA.

I actually wonder how so much can go wrong at one company. I don’t want to try for anymore nightmares. I have requrested a refund, and that is causing more drama, phone calls, conversations with people whom I can’t quite understand, etc.Just WAY more drama than I could ever want. PLEASE just give me my refund, WD, and we can go our separate ways.