WD Support does not accept S/N

I have an external MyBook that suddenly stopped lighting up,(does not work, it is not recognized, does not appear in Disk Manager in Window 10) and I wanted to first check warranty status, but the system does not accept S/N nor P/N, which I carefully copied from the back of my disk. It says it is invallid, but I am sure it is exact. Any ideas? Thanks…

You can firstly try using the different USB Cable and Different Power Adapter in order to isolate for the issue. It is recommended to connect the Power Adapter directly to the wall socket instead of using Power extension or Power Surge unit.

If the drive does not work after the above mentioned troubleshooting steps and you are not able to check the warranty status using the S/N. You should try contacting WD Support from the link given below. They will provide you the way what can be done to check the warranty status and how to create the RMA further.