WD Studio II power off during OS shutdown, and spin up again

Dear all,

My Studio II is attached to Intel DP43TF board and WIn 7 x64 using e-sata.

During OS shut down, the drive will power off .

However, after the shut down complete, the drive will power up again with rapid spin up sound.

(like the sound of a WD MyBook World edition power on spin up)

then the drive will power off again.

Is there a fix for this behavior ?

I am afraid that the drive doing that will experience more spin up cycle and shorten the life span.

And the spin up sound makes me worried as the drive is normally silent, not even making the sound when power up.

Usb works fine though, no such issue, but i need the drive for large file transfers, so e-sata is preferred.

Is it possible that power is still being sent through the eSATA port after shut down for a little while?  You might want to check that also.

Thanks for the reply.

I contact WD customer support and they suggest that the chipset is causing that and is the main board related issues.