WD Studio - cannot retrieve files

Hi -

I purchased my WD studio a few years ago and used it as a backup drive to store videos. At the time I was running a Windows system.  Now I have a Mac and I am having no luck retrieving the files.  My Smartware software says there are 0 KB on the hard drive when I know that there are plenty of files sitting there.  I ran the diagnostic tool and it says the drive is fine.  Unfortunately, when I click on the Retrieve tab, nothing happens.

Suggestions?  Will I need to track down a windows computer to get access to my files?




Since you were using the drive on a Windows computer and you had to reformat the drive to run the backup, you wont be able to retrieve the files on a Mac since the drive will not show up ready to use.

My recommendation on this case, is since the drive is showing on the Mac probably as read only, try to get the files manually out of the drive.