Wd studio 2x2tb raid 1 fault invalid key length

Hello, my drive wd studio edition II formatted hfs+ journaled configured RAID1 has become read only.

I am using Lion.

It cannot be repaired by disk utility: 

2012-05-29 00:22:29 +0200: Lunghezza key non valida
2012-05-29 00:22:29 +0200: Non è stato possibile verificare completamente il volume WD2.
2012-05-29 00:22:29 +0200: Riparazione del volume completata.2012-05-29 00:22:29 +0200: Aggiorno le partizioni di supporto del boot per il volume come richiesto.2012-05-29 00:22:29 +0200: Errore: Utility Disco non può riparare il disco. Esegui il backup di quanti più documenti possibili, riformatta il disco e ripristina i documenti di cui hai effettuato il backup.

Basically it says that I need to format the disk. 

WD drive manager says that everything is OK.

I can read all data fine and I copied already on some other device.

If anyone knows what is going on it would be apprciated.


It sounds like a permission issue

check this  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2963

thanks wizer,

I am not allowed to change permissions from finder and the button repair permissions in disk utility is grey.

In the meantime I formatted the drive and restored data from backup.

But what is RAID 1 for? Why RAID 1 doesnt realize that somehow headers have been corrupted?

Check this

Advantages of Raid