WD store support

I am in Europe (Croatia), and I have bought SSD in WD store on Saturday 2nd. There was written that most orders will be processed next business day, and delivery timeframe is 3-5 working days.
Today is 4th working day (6 days since ordered) and order is still “in process” altough it states that item is in stock (WD Blue SSD SN550 1TB version). Obviously, it won’t be delivered in time, and friend of mine that ordered same disk on same day had it already delivered yesterday.
Payment is partially processed (it says upcoming/pending transaction in my bank card statement - therefore $135 is reserved for it), which is in line with WD store policy that payment will be processed once item is shipped.
I can’t contact support as there is no email for WD store support, and I can’t call support by phone either as it is 0800 US number that I can’t connect from abroad. Maybe someone from WD reads this and can help me.
What should I do?

I have the same problem in Croatia.
Today is 21 day after that i have paid HDD and SSD and i still have no information about my parcel because UPS lost it.
WD support is very bad, it is very difficult to get someone there and they are not interested to make they customers happy.

WD has stopped receiving hard drives. Their supply is gone. They don’t care to tell their customers anything. Won’t be surprised if WD stock drops to $5 a share soon

I have numerous advanced RMA’s still pending shipment after 30-60 days now… from 4TB My Book Duo to 12TB Gold - they have nothing in stock.

my friend in Europe is also still pending shipment…

how long now?