Wd storage blue lights Not recognised on network

Until earlier this week my WD drive was working perfectly well and i was able to access it on my home network. Suddenly for some reason I can no longer access it on the network.

If I connect the ethernet cable directly to the pc i can access the files on the drive, but I want to be able to access from any pc in the house as I could before.  I have spent hours over the past week trying to find the answer, to no avail.  I have contacted Wd support but what they suggest is way over my head!!

Can anyone offer a suggestion to try which is not too complicated please!!

Thanks in advance


sorry i dont have a solution, buut as of last night i too have the same problem

It is driving me round the twist, I have spent hours tryng to sort it, with ethernet directly to pc no problem, as soon as it goes via router to drive i cannot see it on the network!

I know how you feel. If I go through my computer it will show me the shared files it just will not allow me access. it says to check the spelling and so on, and that will all my computers on network. If I go through my PS3 it lets me get into them but shows the folders to be empty. You said you talked to surport, didnt they have any solutions or answers to what could have caused it. Could it be a fault with the system that just took time before it presented itself. How long have you had your system???

I’m having a similar problem.  The LED looks the normal status of white but I cannot access the drive at all.  I’ve only had it for 2 months.