WD Stops to show files


so after I got my new HD TV I needed to upgrade my old WD Movie Box since that one could not play DTS Audio. Now I got the new WD HD LIVE and have one small issue, that might be a bug.

When I go ove rmy Files on the HF (connected to the WD)  in preview Mode and I run into a MVK File that it can not play it will stop playing any other Videos also, the only way to get it back to normal is to reset the WD. So even though I know how to fix it (remove the not working mvk) it is bothersome to have to reset the Box all the time when this happens.



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The offending MKV file is very likely muxed with MKVMerge version 4.1 or higher – you either need to fix it (remux it with a lower version or turn off header compression in video and audio tracks) or remove it from your directory.

If you post the MediaInfo details on this file we can be sure.


thank you, I thought that might be the Problem, since I really love my WD Box :slight_smile: I did not want to replace it. So I will try to get the NFO. So I need the MKV Merge to turn of the header compression right? Any chance that it wil be fixed with a later Firmaware? I guess that the 4.1 Version will be used more now…



WD IS working on a fix for Audio compression, but 4.2 also introduced VIDEO compression.   I don’t know if they’re fixing both at the same time.

Thanks for the Information, in the meantime I will make sure I am getting the correct MKV files.