WD Starts flickering really strange when connecting it with usb 2.0

Hello everyone,

I tried to connect my WD with an other adapter cuz i forgot my other one at school. Im almost sure this one was 12 volt and after that i inserted my usb 2.0 and my WD started flickering really strange (not because of inactivity) 

When i put the USB Out of it it stopped than i put on the on/off button and it normally started up without flickering.

I hope you guys can help me on how to solve this problem

Thanx in advance


The other 12V AC adaptor you were using may have less than 1.5 Amp. current as required. Please double check that AC adaptor or use one that have at least 12V with 1.5 Amp.

Are you now using the correct AC adapter?

Does the drive spin up?

If you are a Windows user, can you detect the USB enclosure with the following Microsoft utility?