WD SSD installation into Raid 1 desk top - help?

I’ve got a locally built desktop (not a brand name you would recognize) with an ASUS mother board and an Intel Raid 1 system that I want to install two WD SSD 500 GB drives into. Raid 1 is the mirrored raid. Each drive in the machine is also 500 GB. I have the drives and mounting brackets, so I’m ready to go.

Do I just follow the procedures for a single drive system? Here’s the directions support gave me the last time I installed a single SSD into my laptop. It worked pretty well.


Here’s an option: exchange one drive at a time and let the Raid system rebuild on it’s own. After making a backup. This came to me after reading this:

Maybe I should just take the Raid system out. Maybe it doesn’t make sense since I’m going with SSD now. Found this, particularly the note from ‘therock’ on Oct 13, 2013:

And more:

And after reading this article, even though it’s old, I think I’ll take the Raid system out: