WD SSD Dashboard shows blank display

I am installing on Win 7 x64. Installs OK, splash screen is OK but the program is simply a blank box. I can shut it down and restart, but no change. I’ve tried uninstalling and restarting.

can you post the screenshot here?

what is the WD SSD product you have ?

A screen shot would show you nothing besides the program’s title bar. The
window looks like whatever is behind it.
These are WD SSD Blue 1TB drives.


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Was your issue ever resolved? I have the same issue, but I don’t find any resolution.

Jim Russell

Hi Jim, I’m having the same issue, I see just a blank screen ???
Hope there a solution soon ?

I had the exact same issue on my in-laws Windows 7 PC.

Sometimes I could manage to get a mangled version of the GUI to be displayed, but most of the time WD SSD Dashboard would show only a blank / white window.

The program uses Qt, a popular framework, to render the contents of the window. With the Qt WebEngine Debugging and Profiling I could see the data to render the display seemed to be OK, so the problem could be caused by a OpenGL / video driver issue.

The video driver was Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD v. (2009/11/06). I Installed Intel Driver & Support Assistant (Intel DSA) and, from it, downloaded/installed v. (2013/11/06).

Lo and behold, it’s alive! :smiley:

Keep your system up-to-date, specially your graphics drivers (and Intel ones are notoriously buggy).

I hope this helps anyone with the same problem.

Please need help. I have the same problem after updating the program. WD Blue SSD 3D NAND. It would be better not to update the program. Where can I download the old version?

@sheinman you can contact customer support if you need an old version, but make sure that your graphics drivers are up to date on your system before doing so. The root cause is as FunKing stated, the Qt WebEngine is not functional on some systems it appears, and making sure all graphics are up to date can help.