WD SSD Dashboard running but not showing - SOLVED

Recently discovered WD ssd Dashboard.

Since first install it only worked intermittently but mostly frustratingly not at all.

Later I saw it was listed in the Task Manager as running but not visible as a GUI window.
There was no icon for it in the taskbar tray even though it was turned on
in the Select which icons appear on the taskbar.

WD ssd Dashboard worked perfectly in Safe Mode.

After troubleshooting it for 2 days, I thought I knew it might be a service or something that was stopping it from being visible.

Finally I had the idea of activating iObit Game Booster which stops unnecessary services while you play games. After doing that I started WD ssd Dashboard and it finally worked as it should :smiley:

Once started I can restore the services and the WD ssd Dashboard stays activated in the taskbar tray.

This is screenshot of the services stopped - WD SSD Dashboard - Game Booster Fixes Running but not visible BUG

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