WD SSD Dashboard does not recognise Linux volumes

I have a WD Green SSD in which I use Windows and Linux (Debian). Windows disk management seems to be aware of Linux volumes at the disk, even if Windows does not know much about it.
But even though the “Capacity” panel in Western Digital SSD Dashboard says it relies on Windows knowledge about the disk to show how much space is used or not (as the image shows), Linux volumes (or whatever Windows sees these partitions) are seen as “Unallocated”.
This does not exactly bother me, but it makes me wonder if the “Life Remaining” panel (and deeper information as shown in “Tools > Drive Details”) considers this fact.

Does the data gathered by the SSD Dashboard consider only Windows vision of the disk? If so, does the lower level information also depends on the system?

Whatever the way the information about the disk is collected and read, I think it should not be far from showing the truth, given that, this way, both user and WD would profit from a well-based analysis of the health of this and other SSDs.

Life Remaining and the drive Identify information (on Tools > Drive Details) are unrelated to the volumes reported on the drive.

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Then I think this solves my question.

Thank you!