WD SSD Dashboard Bug


To whom it may concern, i am displeased at the fact the E-mail notifications does not stick and hold settings if you quit and exit WD SSD Dashboard.
This proves to be a waste of time and a non-working feature due to the fact it does not compensate for a system restart or a crash (although unexpected).
It would be nice if users were able to setup the e-mail alerts and not have to enter your e-mail address, receive a confirmation, and re-check the box every time you start up the software.

A very simply way of fixing this would be to use an ini file that records the settings of the software.
Any programmer would know this, and i’m curious to know who is behind development of the software so i can shame/facepalm them.

I am happy about the actual SSD Products though.
Thank you and happy new year !

Hi Arakasi,

It is recommended testing the WD SSD Dashboard on a different computer as there could be multiple reasons for the software getting crashed on a computer. Also please ensure downloading updated version from our website.