WD Software

Hello at 0024 GMT in UK on Friday 13th January 2012.

Can I disable my WD SOFTWARE and only enable it when I want to do a fortnightly backup please. Do I have to unistall the software and re-install at backup time. I have tried in msconfig unticking three files starting with WDD that always show in Services. But yesterday I re-ticked them and re-started my netbook but I couldn’t get my netbook to recognise my WD External HDD so I uninstalled the software and re-installing it and backed up without any problems



There is no need to reinstall every time, from the Backup tab you can pause the backup, then resume it when you are ready to continue.

Hello at 2030 GMT in UK on Saturday 14th January 2012.

Sorry I must have not put my question properly.

When I don’t intend to do a full backup i need to stop the WD SOFTWARE  from loading.

Three files open in msconfig/services and one in msconfig/startup. I want to disable them at startup to save memory please but enable again on backup day

thank you for your reply


Same question.  The multiple services seem to started regardless of being unticked in msconfig.  Peculiar behavior?

I’m trying to debug a conflict in my machine.  Do I need to completely uninstall to get rid of the various WD services running?