WD Software or Drivers

A friend gave me an older Western Digital external hard drive. I am neediing the software or drivers to make it work with Windows 8.1. It only says WD on the front, so I’m unsure if it is a My Passport or not. The number in the barcode on the back is WD500MT. I am guessing this is the model number. Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to the WD Community.

Could it be WD5000MT? If yes, this unit is designed to be used on Mac and it uses the USB drivers from your computer.

Check if your computer have some updates available.

Link to unit:


Can someone help please. I have WD My passport external hard drive and it is not opening with my windows 8 laptop. It used to work my ex windows 8 i don’t y it is not working now. It is saying unknown drive.

thanks in advance any help is warmly welcome