WD SN770 unsafe shutdowns

Hi there,

I have a litte but strange problem with my new WD SN770.

The “Unsafe Shotdowns” counter does raise every second boot by one.

SMART Data told me i have 28 power cycles and 14 unsafe shutdowns. I did shutdown the PC, next boot “29 power cycles / 14 unsafe shutdowns”. Did shutdown it again, next boot “30 power cycles / 15 unsafe shutdowns”. The unsafe shutdowns counter goes always for “power cycles devided by 2”, now i’m at 34 power cycles / 17 unsafe shutdowns.

I have this 2TB SN770 as primary drive and a 2TB SN570 as secondary, but the SN570 does stay at 0 unsafe shutdowns, like it shoud be …

Before i installed the 2 new SSDs i had 2x 1TB WD SN750 installed and never hat this kind of problem.

Here are some specs from my system:

OS: Win 10 Pro
MB: AsRock B560 Steel Legend
NVMe Driver: Standard MS AHCI Driver
Fast Boot on UEFI and Windows disabled

I know the unsafe shutdown count arnt that important but thats not a normal behavior. If i sometime sell the SSD the new buyer must think i’m too stupid to shutdown a system the right way :wink:

Any help would be nice …

Hi @EasySan2k,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

I opened a support case but i dont know if they can help with this.

Got my second SN770 2TB today, cloned the OS to the new one and the new one has the strange behaviour aswell. I did put the old SN770 from M2_1 to M2_3 and what can i say, the problem is gone.

So long story short, the unsafe shutdowns counter only raises with the ssd into the M2_1 slot, which is directly connected to the cpu. I will wait for the answer from the support …

unsafe shutdowns can be ignored