WD sn550 wont let me boot into bios or windows

I purchased a new Wd sn550 250gb from amazon yesterday but this problem occurred. as i installed this wd sn550 ssd in my asus laptop, it just wont let me boot to anywhere not even into bios. it just get stuck on republic of gamers logo and stuck there for iternity.
I thought there is a issue in laptop but no as soon as i removed the ssd my laptop works totally fine.

dont know what is this issue, searched the whole internet but no one has a solution for this issue. i feel like my hard earned money is just wasted on this wd ssd as amazon wont let me return the product.

this is just sad, everyone on the internet facing this issue and posting about it like from 2 year but there is no solution for this problem, i don’t understand how come reputed company like WD can do this.

posting this in the hope that someone will give the solution.

thanks in advance.!

Don’t finger point immediately …
Maybe the problem is caused by your Asus laptop.
Which Asus Laptop we talking about?
Concerning the installation … what did you do … step by step

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My asus laptop is asus rog strix G531GD.
About the installation:-

  • installed it on my laptop
    installing this was easy.

  • Later started my laptop it booted into windows

  • Then i got to disk manager to see it the ssd is detected or not and yes i can see the ssd is detected and its unallocated so i did the needful and allocated it as a drive E.

  • I saw in my computer this ssd was showing and was working fine

  • but the tricky part comes here :point_down:🥲

  • Now i want to clean install windows 10 into the ssd

  • So as normally i shutdown the laptop and then pressed the start button again and clicked F2 button
    a few times hoping that the bios will open.

but no laptop was stuck on rog logo/ asus boot logo
and did not booted into bios

  • then i tryed doing it a few times but no luck it stuck each and every time. and it also wont let me boot into windows. i was angry and also panicking.

i asked my friends to help me and they suggested
me to remove the ssd and try again and i did it
I removed ssd and then clicked start button and yahh i was relieved that atleast my windows is booting

  • then i tried to boot into my bios
    and bios were also working fine.

I am not finger pointing immediately
i searched the whole internet for the solution but no one has it.
people just posted about the problem but no luck with the solution.
i am just sad.

i reached amazon to refund / return the product but amazon just refuses.
my money just stuck in this ssd

other people who brought samsung or seagate ssd those are working fine on the same asus model.

And soory for my bad English.

For a clean install you use the Windows 10 Installation Media.
You will see one working procedure (of many) here …

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Same issue here, got the same model. I was also searching for solution and Tumble upon this post and got assured that SN550 doesn’t work on my laptop.

Yup it’s the SSD issue