WD SMP + Thermaltake BlacX 5G

Hi all,

Just picked up my WD Live today along with a new docking station mentioned in the subject.

Got everything hooked up, plugged in the dock and… nothing!

The light blinked once every time I connected it to the WD. The dock is a USB3 dock which I bought to sort of future proof myself. I swapped out the USB3 cable with a USB2 one still nothing. Tried the front USB plug still nothing.

Used my old Thermaltake BlacX USB2 dock and it worked just fine. As did my USB drives.

I’ve upgraded to the latest firmware (first thing I did). So I’m not sure it even worked with the stock one (1.04…?)

I’m hoping someone has the same setup as I have and can give me some insight in to this.

Cheers and thank you.

Well not the same setup

I don’t think is going to work though…

USB tend to be tricky sometimes… some will work fine and other will not

I stick with the ones that are supported