WD Smartware wont exit properly

I just updated the firmware + software on my Passport SE 500 GB and the patch notes ( Software update notes) specifically states that:

“The ability to exit WD SmartWare from the Windows system tray. If you want to stop the continuous backup capability, you can now exit the software from the system tray. To restart WD SmartWare, simply click the system tray icon and re-launch the software.”

But alas, this is not the case. When I right-click on the WD smart icon in the system tray and choose Exit, nothing happends - at all.

The **bleep** thing keeps running and I have to end the process from Task Manager.

Its the only issue I got with my Passport, so lucky me, but it still annoys me. I hate when software can’t do the simplest expectable things like closing down when I ask it to.

Anyone got some issue?