Wd Smartware Window

Hi guys, new here and need some help. I have a My Passport for Mac SE and for some reason I cannot get the window up that shows the images of my computer and the external hard drive and also has the menu at the top which has (Back up, Retrieve and so on). I have ran an update on the WD Smartware installer and it indicates I am up to date. When I click on the WD Smartware image it pops up with a folder that is labeled html resources with and nothing in that folder to get to the WD Smartware Menu. I am running Tiger 10.4.11 on a Power PC G4 20" Flat Panel with 768mb of memory and 1.25Ghz. Also, cannot find the password protection feature anywhere.  I can manually save files usuing the drag and drop feature but thats  a pain and would take forever.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Latest version of Smartware is not supported on Tiger. 

Please uninstall the software and install the old version that comes with the drive or you can just download it from here :

Smartware Update for Mac OS X Tiger

Please choose the option for Tiger.

Thanks for your reply. I just recently upgraded my operating system on my Mac to Leopard 10.5.8. So what would I do now when it comes to My P**bleep**port for Mac SE? Still cannot get to the Smartware window where it shows the my computer and my p**bleep**port images and the home, backup, retrieve and so on selections. The only way I found I can get to that window is by power cycleing the external drive and the window pops up on its own. Really do not want to keep doing that in fear of damaging the external hard drive ( My P**bleep**port for Mac SE) Help! Thanks

If the software is not showing while the drive is been connected for a while it might already be running on your Mac.

You can check the notification area on the top right hand corner of your screen and see if the Smartware icon is there, if it is you can just open it from there.  If is not there you can on applications and run the software.