WD SmartWare - What the Heck were you guys on?

I have a 1Tb WD MyBook, which was given to me so I could back up my my PC.

I now know why it was given to me…          the SmartWare back up software, which is meant to run unobtrusively in the background, is without a doubt, the worst piece of software I have had the pleasure of using in my entire PC user experience.

If continuously hogging 85-95% of the CPU is called background usage, then I’m hiring Metallica to play gigs in elevators.

This software is soooooooooo sloooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww and CLUNKY that I swear it was written by a 1000 monkeys. It takes an eternity for buttons to activate, or any action to activate.

It slows down every piece of software I have running, so of course I have to turn it off. Turning it back on to actually back up my data fills me with dread.

Tonight, I attempted to retrieve a file, a single file, from back-up, and I just can’t manage it. Maybe I should be smarter, but it shouldn’t be so difficult, considering this is it’s core function!

I assumed wrongly that it backs up everything, but it seems it back up a random selection, or at least that’s how it appears. If your software is this bad, what are your HDD’s like?

I’m sorry WD, but I cannot recommend this software to any one who wants to keep their sanity. You should remove it from the market to save your reputation.

Yours truly,

Quentin Rowe.