WD SmartWare Version: 2.4.20

I have downloaded and installed this new version and did not have any problems. I did a backup to make sure it worked and it does.

Awesome. Glad to hear everything is working OK.

I downloaded the new version and now it does NOT work. Help!
My 2tb drive is not accessible. Smartware now says I need to input an Activation Code. My model number is: WDBABM7500ABK-NESN.
This was purchased in 2009. I have the original email, as instructed. However, when I try to use it to retrieve my Activation code I get a 404, file not found error. HELP!!!

You should have received an email for SmartWare Pro with an activation code. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

What steps did you take to install the new version of SmartWare?

Sadly, I do not have that email. You can see, at least I hope you can, that I have my device registered, from 2009. Is there ANY way to have my Activation Code re-sent, please?
Thank you.
Joe Bloomquist

I suggest you click on Great_Scott avatar above and send him a message and ask if it can be done.