WD Smartware VCD and Firmware Updater Mac problems

The problem now is that the disk often disconnects and when it is switched off then on it connects as a WD Smartware Virtual CD. I’ve tried to get rid of the Smartware itself with no success. Its driving me nuts and I have a new disk that I can’t use.

Are you trying to get rid of WD SmartWare Software?  If yes, there is uninstaller inside VCD Extras folder.

Or, are you trying to get rid of VCD?  If yes, click below.


Many thanks. Turning the VCD software off has not solved the problem. 

I will attend the machine tomorrow with the instructions in hand for removing the VCD and try to carry them out. Having determined to use Time Machine the VCD is unlikely to be needed by the machine’s user. (a member of my family).

Today I had this very thing confirmed.  There is no Firmware update for the Studio model for Mac’s.  The representative could not even confirm that they were working on one.  I asked him to please communicate that their own links lead you to download and install the firmware for the Studio model.  He indicated that it would be better coming from a customer to the website than anything he could do.  Sad. 

I guess we wait while continuing to get annoyed by the WD Smartware which is unncessary and has a mind of its own. 

Let me confirm that we are working on a firmware update for the Studio.  However, I do not have an ETA for when it will be released.

Thanks for your help. The disk is now dedicated to Time Machine and working well.


Hi, I have the same problems with my new MyBook Studio (1TB): I want to delete the VCD!

If you have a solution, please tell me!

I purchase about 40 of these type of drives a month for our company.  I am the final decision maker on which of these we purchase.  This is the second time in as many new WD drives that I am having problems and cannot remove the WD Smartware.  The drive I am setting up right now is for one of the company owners, and I have to go explain to him why this is going to show up on his desktop.

I will NO LONGER be purchasing Western Digital drives, and will be looking for an alternate company to do business with.  In addition, I will recommend to my peers in the IT field to stop purchasing of these drives.

I hope you guys can get this stuff figured out.  You are not the only drive company out there, but I sure do like your products.  I do not, however, like them enough to put up with things like this.

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Im very annoyed that my “SmartWare” VCD is taking up 852.2mb on my new 2tb drive…

Thats almost 1gb missing…

I  have no idea why the partion of this is so large when the data is only a couple of hundred meg.

I  have no idea why companies have taken to forcing weird virtual CDs into things like hard drives and USB pens - NO ONE LIKES THEM…especially NOT Mac users…its very un-Apple to have such an ugly useless thing mounting every time.

But its not just the mounting, I should have the option to delete the entire partition and get back that data I paid for. 800 meg is not acceptable “lost” data. The utility only hides the parition, why do I need the partition at all? We have 24 meg broadband now it would take a matter of minutes to download the full 200mb applications if I wanted them at all from your website, I do not need them force installing themselves on my hard drive and creating/wasting 800meg of a partition I can only hide and not delete.

Please give me the option at my own risk to permanently delete this partition in the new firmware not just hide it and reclaim all my disk space - for what use they are ive copied the utilities across. For future reference a CD is much better, and a download link on your website to utilities is more than adequate - forcing a terrible virtual CD idea onto a hard drive is NOT a good move.

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Excellent post, dannys1, and I will add that I have currently 8 WD drives hooked to my Mac, with the last two that I purchased a month ago having that ■■■■ VCD software installed.

I’m generally happy with the fast, quiet, pleasantly designed MyBook drives, but If WD ever wants my business again they will have to give me a way to not only disable VCD but also to reclaim the lost space on those two discs.

Oh, and I would have aprreciated a note somewhere on the web site that the firmware updater is incompatible with my drives.


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This may be an old thread but…So the Terminal Code Works? And you have a normal HD with no Smartware or Virtual CD Mounted? I need to try this when I get mine.  Did you finally get the Label on Drive figured out? I think I could live without the Label, as long as I get a normal HD without the crapware. 

Does anyone knows how to delete the virtual disk WD SmarteWare?