WD SmartWare/Utilities/Security don't want to run

OS Vista (Polish language version), WD MyPassport model WDBKX5000ARD-EESN

I’ve got it yesterday. Disc works fine - OS can normally detect it so driver seems to be ok. However, I have problem with all the apps - WD Smartwared, Utilities and Security. I installed it using guidelines given a manual (used “WD Apps Setup.exe” from My Passport). Installation succeded. WD Quick Icon can be seen on the toolbar.

But when I try to open those apps (no mather which one) I’ve got a message from Windows Explorer “Application has stopped working. Windows is checking fpr a solution to the problem…” and of course it will inform as soon as the solution will be available. The message looks similar to this one (but it is in Polish of course and concerning specific application e.g. WD SmartWare;-)


What is going on? Can anybody help? I bought My Passport and not able to use any of the apps :frowning:

Mystery solved. Update of .NET was necessary to solve all of the problems. So simple :wink: